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Dear Entrepreneur,

If you have always dreamed of building your own business into a profitable entity, with round-the-year customers at your doorsteps, making more than enough money to live life the way you always wanted, then this will be the most exciting message you have ever read.

It doesn’t matter who or how you are, a newbie or a veteran, already in business or having plans to be in one soon, heading the right direction or completely clueless about what to do, making profits and still wanting more, you are going to find something here that’s just right for you to give your business the boost that it deserves.

Alert: There is No Quick Money Here!

What I’m going to show you is serious. This is the bottom line foundation of any successful business building strategy, which you really need to understand and apply. So if you are looking for something to make money, fast and easy, then this one is going to disappoint you.

It’s for Entrepreneurs, Small Business Owners, Solo Practitioners and Independent Professionals who want to make it BIG by applying the right techniques of business building.

As you know, the world is an ever changing place.  Being an entrepreneur is one of the BEST ways to build your income and wealth.  But you NEED to do it right.

A large number of businesses do make regular profits, have customers coming back to them, enjoy a strong market presence, and in the end bring owners satisfaction and joy.

  • Aren’t you curious to know what makes them so successful while others are just scraping by?

  • Aren’t you eager to know what are the secrets that these businesses make continuous profits while others are struggling to keep two ends meet?

Actually there are certain rules about building your business to a successful and profit-making entity. They are not all difficult to grasp, provided you have them in the right form. And you need not have to be a geek to master them.

These are the ones that the B-Schools teach their students. All successful business entities know and apply them to stay ahead in a competitive environment and they continue to reap profits year after year.

But the problem is that you’ll not get them easily in a complete and comprehensive package outside of the B-Schools, where you can learn at your own pace and at your own convenience.

This is exactly what brings me here.

The Nuts And Bolts

I can help you with everything you need to know to set up your own business or expand your existing one and turn it into a permanent profit-puller.

Revealing the secret techniques that successful business-owners use to keep their profits soaring, this one-of-a-kind program that I’ve developed will boost your business, your wealth and your life…even if you’re the most ordinary person with little idea about achieving great business success.

This is something that I’ve developed over the last 15 years, (but really over a lifetime) with painstaking study and application, and which has been rigorously tried, and tested.

What made it hot stuff with entrepreneurs, small business owners, solo practitioners and independent professionals was its simplicity and comprehensiveness, something they did not even wildly imagine to be possible outside the precincts of the top business schools. (and at a fraction of the cost of a college or university program)

And if you’ve been wondering and biting your nails out of excitement to know what I’m talking about, here it is for you:

The self-guided, self-paced business coaching program – Bizology.Biz!

The Business Turbocharger: Bizology.Biz!

Bizology.Biz is an amazing collection of texts, workbooks, reports and audios and videos that show you step-by-step everything that you need to know about how to build your business, run it with fun and make profits within the shortest possible time.

Imagine, now will not have to run around here and there to get ideas on how to make profits from business. You will not have to spend hundreds of $$ buying books or joining management classes. Hours of internet browsing in search of customers will be a closed chapter forever.

You’ll experience the thrill of having everything at your fingertips, all in one comprehensive package, where you can learn at your pace and convenience, without taking a single step out of your home/office.

If you’ve heard that business is fun and making money is not at all a problem and so long refused to believe that anything like this is at all possible, here’s your first-ever opportunity to witness that it actually is possible, if you know the right techniques and have the right tools..

So don’t waste it.


Power-packed into 20 workbooks, 14 audios or videos plus 9 special reports, Bizology.Biz offers you the deepest insight into business strategies and techniques that are custom-made for producing results, in the context of practically any business that is feasible on this planet.

Here’s what you’ll get and specifically benefit from with Bizology.Biz:

1. Vision + 2. Vision Building

All business building starts with vision. Without vision you have no direction. You will learn how to put together your vision and keep it alive. These two lessons are filled with ideas and resources for visioning.

3. Vision –Values: Your Guiding Principles

Values guide your decisions. Identify your guiding values and how they impact your business. Use them throughout your business to guide each decision and your overall direction.

4. Vision: Strategy – Building an Effective Plan

A solid strategic plan outlines for you, your key directions and key strategies for achieving your vision, your goals and ultimately the success of your business.

5. Marketing – Your Target Market

New leads keep your business booming. Learn effective strategies for generating leads for your business. We review multiple lead generation strategies and teach you how to implement them within your business.

6. Marketing – Building Relationships

Doing business is all about relationships. Learn strategies for building relationships with prospects and customers.

7. Marketing – Follow up

Follow-up is the biggest gap that I see with businesses. You receive a solid lead or referral and fail to follow up effectively. Or you follow-up once and then drop the ball! Learn how to follow-up effectively over time and convert prospects into customers.

8. Marketing – Building a Web Presence

Websites are almost required for business owners. Learn different types of web sites and figure out what you need to serve your business most effectively.

9. Marketing – Press Releases

Press Releases have the ability to serve your business in multiple ways. Getting free publicity is the best. Press coverage is easily obtainable. Learn how to write a press release, what to do with it once you write it and learn how press releases can help your website as well as your business.

10. Marketing – Your Newsletter

Newsletters are a great strategy for staying in touch with people. You will learn how to create a newsletter, resources you can use to create one and then what to do with it once you have it. Some people may tell you that newsletters are dead but they build credibility, and keep in touch with prospects.

11. Balance – 5 Traits You Have to Have

A special report for your personal development that will accelerate your professional development: The Power of Concentration; Developing Self-confidence; Overcoming Self-Consciousness; Thinking Right, Being Positive; and, Developing Imagination and Initiative.

12. Marketing – Trade Shows

Have you ever spent hours standing at a trade show to have nothing come of it? Learn how to make tradeshows work for you.

13. Marketing – Customer Appreciation

Once you have a customer, you want to keep them and keep them very happy. Learn customer appreciation strategies for maintaining loyal customers.

14. Operations – How to create systems that work

Identify all of the roles and responsibilities within your organization. Even within a one person operation there are multiple roles and responsibilities. Clarifying what the roles and responsibilities are provides a framework for building an operational plan that creates a company that runs like a well oiled machine.

15. Operations – More on operating smoothly

Learn how to develop an operational plan, even if your business is small. Step by step procedures assist your business in running smoothly over time and give you the ability to grow.

16. Operations – Money, Money. Money

Money management must be one of any businesses operational plans. Learn strategies for keeping track of the money.

17. Operations: Customer Service

Good customer experiences and service is a trademark of good business. Know the techniques of getting returning business from your customers.

18. Adding New Products and Services

Businesses grow when there is an infusion of new ideas, new products, packages, services….Know the insider secrets.

19. Balancing Act – Keeping it all in balance

In addition to building business effectively business owners also have to build a lifestyle that works for them, so that they are not consumed by their business. Balancing act gives you strategies for incorporating play into your life on a regular basis. Yes, play. Adults need to play often.

20. Putting it all together.

Each of the lessons up to this point has all been working towards a comprehensive business plan. This lesson is a review of all the work that’s been done and also a pulling it all together so that it is working for you and not sitting on the shelf gathering dust.

Plus, there are many Special Reports, including:

  • Headlines Exposed
  • Press Releases
  • Time Management
  • Building Wealth
  • 101 Success Tips
  • Money Saving Tips
  • Profiting with Tele-Seminars
  • Writing Good Web Copy
  • Blogging for Small Business
  • Profiting with Article Marketing

In short, Bizology.Biz is an indispensable tool for any successful business, big or small. It’s something that ALL entrepreneurs, small business owners, solo practitioners and independent professionals can hardly dare to deny.

See It For Yourself!

But that is not all because what I just told you about was the foundational program that I developed in 2008 and have revised and updated for 2017 — AND each month I add to it one or two new modules on marketing to improve the step by step nature of the program.

What does this package cost? Everyone told me to do $997. That it had more value than that and could easily go for $1497, but right off the presses I want to get out to at least 100 people quickly and I wanted it to be affordable.

It is one of the things that I really believe – coaching needs to be accessible and affordable. I know that I have benefited greatly from being coached and from buying self study programs.

I want you to have this program in YOUR hands, and begin seeing the benefits of it, as soon as possible.

I also know that many people have already benefited from the Bizology.Biz program and that you will too. Now, if you buy it and put it in the closet – you won’t. It is a working program. You have to do the work to reap the benefits. If you don’t take the time, the benefits will not just appear!! It’s a “Just Do It” type program!!

So, for a limited time I am offering it at $698. $498.00!! It’s just a fraction of the money that you’d otherwise have to spend on entrepreneurial classes in B-schools.

For this amount of money that you invest only once in your lifetime, you not only get the amazing the Bizology.Biz

But we also have included a new marketing package each and every month!

Remember, only the first 100 people get this awesome Bizology.Biz combo package at the special price of $698! $498
Or you can pay monthly — $58 per month! Then the price will be raised.

So get Bizology.Biz now!

Buy Your Bizology.Biz Comprehensive Business Building Package

No Risk

009_89100 % Money Back Guarantee. I know this program is incredible. I want you to try it, so there is a 60 day trial and a money back guarantee. If, you try the program, apply the lessons and still feel during the first 60 days that you don’t have an incredible business building system in your hands , just let me know and we will refund your money. With just 1 question: What were you looking for in the program? That way I can improve the program. Take the chance, you have my guarantee.Yes, I know you may have some sort of skepticism whether Bizology.Biz will work for you or not. For overwhelming majority of my clients, Bizology.Biz has been a grand success. But exceptions can be there. So I have decided to make your investment for Bizology.Biz completely risk-free.

You get your program, study the lessons, practice the exercises, run the ideas live on your business and see the results for complete 90 days. If you’re not happy by then, simply return the materials and you’ll have your money refunded, no questions asked.

So shake off all your hesitation and go for Bizology.Biz now to give your business the real push that it truly deserves.

$696.00 $498.00 every 12 Months every 12 Months

Bizology.Biz Highlights:

· Visioning: Do you have a vision that is BIGGER than where you are right now? Do you see it happening? Are you taking the steps you need to take?

· Values: Are you operating with your values in alignment?

· Strategic Planning: Does your business have a clear and focused plan to achieve the success you want? Is your plan working?

· Marketing: Building Relationships, The Ten Touch Follow-up System, Creating a Powerful Web Presence, Press Releases, Newsletters, and more….Have you created an intentional marketing plan that is focused on your target market? Is your plan written down? Do you network without a clear purpose or intention? Do you have a press release calendar?

· Operations: Is your business running like a well oiled machine? Can you leave your business for vacation and have it run and make money while you are away?

· Products/Services: Do you have new services or products to develop? Have you developed products/services that can create passive income (income that doesn’t require your time or presence)

· Balance: Do you have a personal life? Is your business running you? Take control. All of these and more are addressed in Bizology.Biz. Don’t miss out!

all leading to a successful future….your successful future…

This is the right time to turn around your business as the economy is slowly staging a comeback.

Bizology.Biz can show you how to make this possible with its proven tools and techniques. So make that most important decision of your life today.

Go for Bizology.Biz now! You really deserve it!

Buy Your Bizology.Biz Comprehensive Business Building Package
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Monthly Plan


To your success,



donnaheadshotnobackgroundThe value is unbelievable. I am passionate about helping people create their success. I developed this program to be affordable and accessible for every business owner, just like you.

P.S. The content of this program is comprehensive and incredible. If you follow the lessons, action plans and implement — you will see results in your business. It will become more profitable, with smoother operations, more valuable and more fun for you! You will have greater sense of success and accomplishment and you will have more time in your life.

Comprehensive & Complete: You will have the full program in your hand. With it you can choose what you need and when you need it. Need a press release, work on the lesson about press releases. Need to identify your target market, work on the lesson on target market. ….

  • Workbook – Each lesson is outlined in a comprehensive workbook section. Each lesson is hands on , not just a bunch of information to read, but real, usable outlines for you to work through for your business!
  • Resource Lists – At least monthly you will receive a resource list that outlines good sources, businesses or people for you to go to for your business
  • Audio & Video Lessons – Most lessons are accompanied with an audio or video supplement. I mentor you through the lesson, give you additional ideas and resources. The lesson isn’t just read to you. It’s a mentoring audio that will get you thinking about your business. It is like having a coach in the room with you!
  • Step by Step Videos for many of the monthly marketing packages!

Take action today!

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