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Understanding Your Marketing is Critical.

This marketing assessment includes a comprehensive look at your target market and includes a target market assessment.

It also provides you tools for assessing your website profitability.

profitability report coverBut that is not all…. because I use this profitability checklist in my evaluation of company’s and their online presence. I am giving you the generic form of my Profitability Blueprint that you can use as your complete the checklist.

The Profitability Blueprint is a comprehensive guide to developing your plan to make your site more profitable and assess WHY it is currently NOT working!

From there you can move into our main Marketing Assessment.  You will then have all of the pieces to put your marketing plan together and get started implementing it, for your business growth.

This is a DIY assessment package.
Customized Assessment packages are available as well.

Section 1Target Market
Lecture 1Your Target Market
Section Quiz
Section 2Website Profitability
Lecture 2Website Profitability
Lecture 3Profitability Report
Section 3Comprehensive Marketing Assessment
Lecture 4Assessing Your Marketing Strategies