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The Winning Ways 1 Year Success System

12 months to a completely new YOU!

When you join the Winning Ways program you get instant access to a success program that will reconnect you with you true desires in life and hold you accountable to creating real change to bring those changes about.

Winning ways is built on the premise that “small changes product big impact.”

Instead of setting you up for failure by asking you to invest hours and hours a day to transform yourself, Winning Ways gives guides you to make small calculated changes, that are easy to implement, over the course of an entire year.

This is a fun program that is designed to integrate into your already busy life.

If you have a few minutes a day to invest in changing your life… then Winning Ways will work for you.


Over the course of the next 12 months, you will be focusing on a general area of improvement in your life. The winning ways system goes through the following process month by month…

5.Facing Fear
6.Acting As If
7.Asking For Things
8.Time Management
9.Communication and Public Speaking
10.Keeping Score
12.Giving Back

Each lesson includes a written lesson and video lesson.

You can choose to do the whole course in one day or go through it over the next year.

52 lessons — that give you a guide to creating your Winning Ways To Success!!!

Section 1First Quarter
Lecture 1Month One: Goals
Lecture 2Month Two- Motivation
Lecture 3Month Three: Accountability
Section 2Second Quarter
Lecture 4Month Four: Persistence
Lecture 5Month Five: Facing Fear
Lecture 6Month Six: Acting As IF
Section 3Third Quarter
Lecture 7Month Seven: Asking For Things
Lecture 8Month Eight: Time Management
Lecture 9Month Nine: Communication & Public Speaking
Section 4Fourth Quarter
Lecture 10Month Ten: Keeping Score
Lecture 11Month Eleven: Finances
Lecture 12Month Twelve: Giving Back
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